Rhode Island Drug Treatment Centers and Programs

Although Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the United States, that does not make it an exception to the fact that there is a large drug problem within its tiny population.  There is a vibrant club scene there which attributes to a large percentage of drug and alcohol abuse in the North East region.  Therefore, Rhode Island is home to many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in order to help its population kick the habits.  The main drugs in circulation in the state of Rhode Island are Ecstasy, LSD, Marijuana, alcohol and cocaine.  There is also a growing number of methamphetamine users.
Many substance abusers do not believe that they have a serious drug problem and most use the rational that the amount that they use and how often the use it, is only for recreational use and so on.  Nevertheless, the best judgments will not be coming from the substance abuser but rather from the friends and family that have noticed this drastic change in the life of the substance abuser.  This normally leads friends and family to stage a drug or alcohol intervention in the hopes of demonstrating to their loved one that he or she  has a problem with drugs or alcohol.

Selecting the program is the first step on the road to recovery for the substance abuser.  Many substance abusers continue to use drugs after completion of their program simply because the program that they stayed at did not fit their individual drug or alcohol problem.  These Rhode Island treatment centers especially in Providence try to match their services with the particular needs of the substance abusers.  Once the patient has successfully entered rehab, the patient will begin a long and sometimes painful process of detoxification which will cleanse the body of the harmful substance that the patient was introducing into his or her body.  This process can take anywhere from days to months and in many cases years but to a lesser extent.  Normal side affects include nausea and vomiting along with multiple body aches including the head and back.
These alcohol and drug rehab centers offer a variety of programs and treatments that address the specific problem of the substance abuser.  Some of the Rhode Island treatment facilities offer long term and short term programs of residency depending on the seriousness of the drug abuser’s addiction and an out patient programs.  Even alternative medicine is being introduced into these Providence drug facilities to widen the range of treatment available for drug and alcohol addictions.

These drug and alcohol treatment centers in Rhode Island monitor the progress of the patient through their out patient programs to determine if the patient is progressing in their battle against drugs. The majority of relapses occur when the recovering addict is forced back into society and returns to his or her old style of living.  Drug addiction can be cured like any other disease because that is what substance abuse is, a disease.  The treatment facilities in Rhode Island continue to work towards the progress of rehabilitating each patient.

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