Why The Buprenorphine Treatment Program Is Becoming Popular Among People Using Heroin Rehab In North Dakota

August 5, 2008

There are two main kinds of heroin treatment in North Dakota. One of them uses methadone and has been popular since over three decades. The other form of treatment uses buprenorphine. Read more

Counseling For Heroin Addiction

March 23, 2008


There are a wide variety of treatment options available for individuals who suffer from an addiction to heroin or another opiate drug. Medications are popular for helping the individual overcome the effects of detox, which can be very difficult and painful for a heroin addict. The medications that are available are methadone, Naltroxene, Suboxone, and LAAM. Read more

Hope For Addicts Found at Addiction Treatment Centers

March 15, 2008


If you are caught up in a drug addiction, it can be easy to lose hope that you will ever be able to get your life back on track. Whether you’ve tried to kick the habit on your own and failed or you just can’t find the strength to make it on your own, there is no shame in seeking help at an addiction treatment center. These centers are there to help you and most addicts need that help if they want to stay clean permanently. It is very difficult to try to battle an addiction on your own and even the strongest people need a little help. Read more

Choosing Treatment: Close to Home or Far Away?

March 14, 2008


One of the factors that many people consider in choosing a drug or alcohol addiction program is its location. Some people prefer to be close to home, while others want to get away. There are benefits and drawbacks for each option. Whether the treatment center you choose is down the street or across the country, make sure it offers the right addiction program for your needs. Methods and offerings vary widely among rehab facilities, and different ones work for different people. Read more